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Who we are

Experts in the Medical Benefits of Natural therapy Medicine

Kush Clinics is a natural therapy medicine clinic in Australia that operates in much the same way as other medical practices. We have a team of qualified in-house natural therapy medicine specialist doctors and a pharmacy to dispense medication. Patients must book an appointment to get a prescription, which is sent to our partner pharmacy, Summit Pharmacy.

Natural Therapy Advantages

Promotes relaxation

Induces calmness and tranquility.

Relieves Pain

Alleviates discomfort and reduces sensations of pain.

Increases Appetite

Stimulates hunger and enhances desire to eat.

Removes Headache

Relieves head pain and discomfort.

Fights Insomnia

Combats sleeplessness and promotes better sleep.

Improves Mood

Enhances emotional well-being and uplifts spirits.

Kush Clinics Is Qualified to Treat You

While the laws vary from territory to territory, the Australian Federal Government legalized access to natural therapy medicine for medicinal purposes in 2016. This was a great cause for celebration and a step in the right direction as far as we at Kush Clinics are concerned!

The medicinal benefits of natural therapy medicine simply cannot be disputed. While the research is unfortunately not as advanced as other therapies, natural therapy medicine in its various forms has shown itself to be a radical treatment in several instances. However, until there is research to conclusively prove that natural therapy medicine can replace other effective therapies in the fight against diseases such as cancer, it is being used alongside these treatments.

How we work

Kush Clinics in Australia offers affordable natural therapy consultations and treatments, all in one place.

Free Screening

Various studies suggest that Natural Therapy Treatment is effective, but its effects can be potent. Because of this, it can’t be prescribed to everyone.

Free Online Consult

Specialist doctor will ask a series of questions about your condition and medical history to better understand how we can help you.

Express Delivery

Your prescription is sent directly to our dispensary and you can place your orders online or in person. Online orders are delivered discreetly via express post.

Ongoing Care

To experience the full benefits of your Natural therapy treatment, it is crucial to complete your prescription.