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Many patients received improved well-being in just 2 weeks

If you are looking for medical-grade natural therapy medicine treatments in Australia, then look no further than Kush Clinics.

Kush Clinics is a telehealth clinic, our doors are open to anyone in Australia

Kush Clinics Is Qualified to Treat You

As experts in the medical benefits of Natural therapy treatment, Kush Clinics has a team of qualified doctors on our premises


Specialist Doctors

Upfront Pricing



Discreet Delivery

We provide discounts to patients

After seeing one of our doctors, you’ll receive a prescription for your natural therapy medicine, which you can purchase in store at our partner pharmacy, Summit Pharmacy or ordered online – saving you time and energy!’

We at Kush Clinics value our patient's privacy.

We exercise the utmost discretion when you are treated on our premises. While there are still laws regulating the use of marijuana, an official prescription makes it legal for you to have natural therapy medicine substances in your possession.

We also advise patients against using medical natural therapy medicine openly or publicly, and to use it in the comfort of their own home instead.