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Welcome to Kush Clinics, 
Medical Grade Plant Based Treatments in Australia

Inside Kush Clinics

Experts in the Medical Benefits of Plant Based Treatments

Kush Clinics is a plant based clinic in Australia that operates in much the same way as other medical practices. We have a team of qualified in-house  specialist doctors, and a pharmacy to dispense medication. Patients must book an appointment to get a prescription, which is sent to our on-site pharmacy or posted to your address of choice.

Kush Clinics Is
Qualified to Treat You

As experts in the medical benefits of Plant Based Treatment, Kush Clinics has a team of qualified doctors on our premises

How does it work?

As a leading Plant Based Treatment clinic in Australia, Kush Clinics provides a one-stop-shop service
 for affordable Plant Based consultations and the dispensing of treatments.


Various studies suggest that Plant Based Treatment is effective, but its effects can be potent. Because of this, it can’t be prescribed to everyone.


Specialist doctor will ask a series of questions about your condition and medical history to better understand how we can help you.


You’ll receive a prescription to be filled at our dispensary or delivered to your address of choice. You can also order online.


To experience the full benefits of your Plant Based Treatment, it is crucial to complete your prescription.

What people say?

I would recommend to anyone suffering from Chronic Pain Disorder, to give it a trial; it might just change your life.
Adam Cheise
I have been with Kush Clinics for 4 weeks now and so for my pain levels are much lower then before I started I would highly recommend
Amanda Lee

Our Best Pricing

Fixed, Transparent Pricing Schedules. 

All from the comfort of your home.

Initial consultation

$ Free                 Limited time
  • Telehealth consultation
  • Personalised prescription
  • Personalised treatment plan